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The unique voice of Tommy Vance. Who was this Disc Jockey that stopped the Nation, That drew everyone's attention to the days music each and every week. This was the Legend that took Rock to a new level,
To new mediums and to new highs, His dedication to The New Wave of British Heavy Metal was fierce,
But not only to Rock and Heavy Metal but to other brands of music too.
To the Bands of crowds at every gig, The Bands, The festivals, And To the Microphone, He was there. This was a Rock genius that gave you the Encyclopedia of Rock in the palm of your hands. From the early days of 60s mainstream pop to independent rock and to heavy metal and thrash. He never Faltered in his Resolution to regain over and over as the New Tommy Vance brought us Rock in the United Kingdom, In any shape or form, Not only in UK, But to the world also. And still the letters came, From Baghdad to Nigeria, From Bombay to Santa Fe, Over The Hills & Far Away.
Tommy Vance was The Voice on the Radio. I was sorry I lost touch with the Friday Rock Show in the 90s,

In the early 80s, the world were listening to Tommy. This was a 30 minute broadcast worldwide via the BBC on Shortwave. And you just had to be there. On leaving London, Short Wave was the only medium to be in touch with Tommy Vance, There was no internet. It barely existed then. The digital medium was on its way, however, I was never interested in this.
If it meant hearing a very faint signal from far far away fading in and out through the continents - and that Heavy voice rattling and music distorting the SW Band over the airwaves like a doomsday machine - then its happy days.
Short Wave radio was better and roarer to me and that meant more than anything in this world. Finding Rock on SW.
To find "Rock Salad" then was very difficult. To get in touch with BBC for a magazine was hard enough in the UK.
The time and the date, But when? When do you catch those 30 minutes?
The days of waking up at 0530 AEST unfortunately are over. The last I heard of Rock Salad was 1996.
During my busy nine years of  absenteeism of listening to radio  something in me said "so where is TV now?"
When I turned to the internet for the very first time in early March 2005 to Virgin Radio to find Tommy, 
I listened in live
to the Friday Rock Show from Virgin Radio believe this or not, this is true, 
I heard what was the very last show to be broadcast without Tommy. 
His recorded voice was there and not him. I did whatever it took to listen to him down under, I did find it hard.
But what I did find, And this was more harder, That we had lost a Rock Legend, Not just to England but to the World.
This website I dedicate to the one and only Tommy Vance,
He was, as Japanese band, Vow Wow said, "True Rock and Roll, On the Radio, The Friday Rock Show......................"

Sonny (March 2017)

By the way

To: Lars, you asked for directions to Utopia in Sydney, I asked about your new LP in 1988 Nicko and Adrian at Hippodrome, Cromok in Sydney I told you make it on The Friday Rock Show and you listened, Good, A shout out to Bailey Brothers we hit the floor 1989 at Hppodrome London. Sweet live in Camden Sydney 92 gig alright mate? Hey Tony Iommi I was a good airhead at Hippo

Hey Bruce, Up the BBC eye eye captain...... can I totally combust now.....thank you